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This September we are sharing the Season of Creation as recommended to us by our Synod and ELCA Churchwide. 

What is the Season of Creation? 

The Season of Creation is a monthlong celebration starting on September 1st with the Day of Prayer for Creation and ending on October 4th with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology.  It is an ecumenical movement seeking to bring worldwide Christians together to care for our common home and all those who live in it, and to renew our relationship with God as our Creator.  It is celebrated in a variety of ways:  ecumenical prayer services, advocacy and justice, creation care service projects, Pet Blessings, adapting Sunday worship, and many other ways. 

We’ll be celebrating by adapting our Sunday worship for the month of September, following the three-year cycle of scripture lessons that was first created by Australian Lutheran, Norman Habel, and adapted by David Rhoads (Professor Emeritus of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago) and H. Paul Santmire. 

Our September worship will be very familiar in its structure with Confession and Forgiveness, Prayers of the People, Scripture Lessons, Sermon, Communion, and Music.  The difference will be a more intentional focus on God as Creator and humankind’s relationship to the other parts of creation. 

Why are we doing it?

The season of creation is an opportunity for us to be united with Christians across the world in our shared calling from God to take care of creation!  The climate crisis affects all of us and while we may have different opinions on how to address this crisis, worship is a place where we are brought together in confession, prayer, and hope for the future.  Through confession of our failings, hope in God’s grace, community in prayer, praise of God’s presence in creation, discernment in scripture and sermon, and unity in our shared meal of Holy Communion we are each able to reflect on what it means that God is our Creator, and that God gave humankind the responsibility of being stewards of creation. 

I hope that through these special services we all feel God’s calling to care for one another and creation, and that we each find hope and comfort in our shared relationship with God and the creation that is our home.