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Dear friends,  

I’m happy to say that we have reached the critical time period after Mardi Gras without a significant increase in COVID infections. Thanks be to God! At the leadership team meeting last night, we talked about ways that we can open more fully and without reservations, while still being respectful of those who need or want to be more cautious.  

So, we invite you to make the decision that is best for you and your family in regards to mask wearing. If you prefer to wear them, please continue to do so. If you feel safe enough to go without, we welcome that.  

Ash Wednesday was the first time since this pandemic started that we had actual touch in worship, as I placed the ashes on your foreheads with my finger. I heard several of you say that the connection was important. I felt that myself.  

This Sunday, we will share a meal in the Fellowship Hall after Brother Chris’ leadership in worship and presentation following. What a gift it will be to break bread and share jambalaya with others from Grace, and with the Bishop and Brother Chris! Communication is so much easier and more natural over food and fellowship.  

Starting later this month, we will be serving and receiving communion much as you were doing back in 2019. We’ll endeavor to do these things in ways that respect the needs of people who still feel best keeping more distance.  

I hope that it will be a time of deep connection and reunion within Grace and in your relationships in the larger community. Human connection is one of God’s great gifts to us all.  

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Kim