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(We now update the prayer list every two weeks.  If you need to add someone back that was removed, please send your request to Tina at Thanks!)

New additions to the list...  Patience Winfrey (friend of the congregation who is hospitalized with health problems) + Corey Gifford (family member of the Wellmeyers/Guillots/Babins who had emergency surgery today for complications related to Crohn's Disease)

Carole Byrne + Patricia Mastio (Beverly Wellmeyer's sister in-law) + Carl Mastio (Beverly Wellmeyer's brother) + David Mastio (Beverly Wellmeyer's nephew) + Jessica Iguess (Tina & A.J. Guillot's friend) + Richelle Stephens (Darryl Lewis' mother)  + Briyanna Mendieta (Sunny Dean's great niece) + Dennis Antill + Ronnie and Larry Garic (Beverly Wellmeyer's niece and her husband) + Karen Schindler + Taylor Canell (Emma Lewis Canell's husband) + Mark Wester + Carolyn Turner (Barbara Artuso's friend) + Patricia Hutcherson (Dennis Antill's mother) + Bernice Minotillo (Nancy Jacobs and Dennis Antill's friend) + Darlene Fisher (Nancy Jacbos and Dennis Antill's friend) + Elizabeth Leidinger Lewis (Beverly Wellmeyer's neice) + Linda and Eugene Blodgett (Ken Pauley's sister and brother in-law) + Ron Hebert + Eileen Bennett (Nancy Jacobs' niece) + Will, Carol, and Rosie Stapp (Mary Pauley's brother, sister in-law, and niece) + Kyle and Natalie Bourgeois and their unborn babies (grandson and granddaughter in-law of Jay Bourgeois) + Elia Lopez (Sal Pusateri's friend) + Martha Zoucha + Bruce and Mary Lemmert  + Corey Gifford (Wellmeyer/Guillot/Babin family member) + Diane Hess (regular attendee and friend of Dennis Malloy) + April Swada (Ken Pauley's Daughter) + Shirley Leblanc + Dwayne Edwards (husband of Tina Guillot's friend) + Victor Augilar, Jr. (Son of  Victor, Sr., friend of Mark Wester) + Delores Carter (Diana Fox's neighbor) + Annika Detweiler (former member of Grace) + Donna Wester + Shirley Morrow + Errolyn Villarrubia + Carole Byrne + Dottie Pentes + Beverly Wellmeyer + Gabby Grissom 

Family and Friends of the Following Saints:
Avis Brooks, Jr. (Beverly Wellmeyer's nephew)
Kirby Boudreaux, Jr. (Son of Diana Fox's friend, Virgis)
Violet Cantin (Cousin of the Wellmeyers/Guillots/Babins)
Bernice Minotillo (friend of Nancy Jacobs)
Neill Schexnayder (Husband of AJ Guillot's friend)
Our Ministry Partners Bethlehem Lutheran Church (New Orleans) + Gethsemane Lutheran Church – (Chalmette)