Your redevelopment team continued our discussion on the book that we are reading, “Abundance”. The highlights of our discussion were centered around the importance of discovering God’s vision for Grace, not our vision. Aren’t you curious about what His vision looks like? Don’t you wonder about what God’s plans are for Grace? When we sing, “Oh Lord, I want to be in that number”, don’t you want to be in that number when God reveals his plan for Grace? Everyone in our congregation at Grace will have a part to play as this is revealed to us.

We also discussed the importance of boldness, and encouraging it as we discover God's vision. I will be bold today in asking that you talk to God and ask him what your part will be. Does he want us to use more of our talents that He has given to us? Does He want us to be more generous and share more of what he has given to us?

This week we ask you to join us in prayer to LISTEN for God’s vision and asking for His help to follow God's vision with boldness. We believe in God the Father Almighty and that He is still creating the world today through us at Grace.

We continued reading the book of Acts. This week we read Acts 3:17-26 and Acts 4:1-4

  • What is God up to?  God is God ....consistently...He does not change!
  • What was the early church up to?  Peter is reminding the people of their heritage and traditions.
  • What do we learn?  The importance of understanding God’s unending love for us, which does not change.

Thank you.  

Jim Barry