Your redevelopment team met on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, and the highlights of our meeting are presented below.

We resumed our Bible study on the book of Acts by beginning to examine chapter two. Again, our goal was to address the following questions while focusing on how the beginnings of Christianity can provide insights into our congregation’s redevelopment.

1.  What is God up to?
2.  What was the early Church learning?
3.  What are we learning?

Acts 2:1-21.
Verses 1-4. Previously in chapter one the number of disciples was reconstituted to the original twelve, and they all met together. Whereupon they received the gift of Holy Spirit like the “rush of a violent wind” in the form of universal communication.
Verses 5-13. At the same time the devout Jews living nearby spoke a broad diversity of languages, but understood the disciples in their own native language. These people were confused and some even disparaged the disciples by explaining they must be drunk. Significantly, despite the language barriers each person heard the disciples and clearly understood what they said.
Verses 14-21. Peter intervenes and explains through the prophet Joel in terms they understand from their own Jewish religious traditions how they will be saved.

1.  What is God up to? God’s Spirit, like the “rush of a violent wind”, is providing faith and enabling confidence.
2.  What was the early Church learning? God is active throughout our lives, no matter our chronological age or where we are in our individual life journey.
3.  What are we learning? As a congregation we should draw upon this faith and confidence provided by God’s Spirit as we move ahead during our redevelopment process.

Next week we will pick back up with Acts 2:22.

Your continued prayers in support of and engagement with your Redevelopment Team are appreciated and called for as we move ahead.

Jim Wee