Welcome to Grace!

At Grace, our mission is to share God’s gifts of unconditional love and grace so that all are engaged and empowered to share these gifts with others!  We answer this calling through worship, outreach, faith formation, and fellowship.  We love to spend time with one another, have fun, and care for one another.  Come and join us, you are welcome here!

Calling * Equipping * Sending

Calling: Through the power of the Gospel, we are called to faith in Christ Jesus; we are called to grow in discipleship; and we are called to adventurous servanthood.

Equipping: Through Word and Sacrament, we are equipped with faith in Christ.  Through worship and education, we are equipped to be active disciples. Through prayer and discernment, we are equipped to discover and fulfill our servant tasks.

Sending: Refreshed by the Gospel, we are sent forth with faith for daily life.  Empowered by the Gospel, we are sent forth as disciples to share our faith.  Responding to the Gospel, we are sent forth into this world as faithful servants.