Presiding Ministers

We are currently a church in transition, prayerfully considering our future and working with the ELCA to begin the process to call a new pastor.  We are anticipating the appointment of an interim pastor to help us during the transition, but in the meantime, we are blessed to be working with several pastors who have offered their assistance and rotate serving as presiding ministers at our Sunday worship services. If you are in need of pastoral assistance, please call our church office at 504-482-4994 or email us at and we will connect you with someone who is able to assist you. 

Meet Our Provisional Leadership Team

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Kären Hazlaris
  • Board Member and President
Ken Pauley
  • Board Member and Vice President
Tom Doster
  • Board Member and Treasurer
Bob Lewis
  • Board Member and Secretary
Jeff 1
Jeff Smolik
  • Board Member
Debbie Pusateri
  • Board Member